The dedicated, cost effective alternative to procuring long haul Dark Fibre.
Key features


One of the biggest challenges in deciding whether to build your own long haul DWDM network is your future traffic growth predictions. Does your network requirements and traffic growth forecast justify the significant investment of building your own long haul DWDM network? Would it be more cost effective to buy multiple 10Gbps or 100Gbps Wavelengths from network providers? At euNetworks we appreciate in many cases it would be ideal to have something in between.

One of our core competencies is delivering and supporting high bandwidth solutions. euSpectrum delivers DWDM channels on euNetworks Pan European DWDM backbone, providing customers the option to take large chunks of capacity between cities- effectively building a managed 1 Terabit + backbone.

Key features

High capacity European intercity bandwidth 1Tb+

Scalability & flexibility

Lower total cost of ownership than dedicated network construction

Reduced operational complexity with a guaranteed SLA

  • Delivering dedicated customer chassis with multiple protocols supported
  • Based on a state of the art coherent DWDM platform
  • Flexible channel procurement with 10G, 40G and 100G services supported
  • Simplifying your network planning by allowing euNetworks to manage fibre spans, MOR sites and the end to end network
  • Offering all the benefits of owning and operating your own long haul DWDM network without the operational and financial commitments
  • Extending the solution to customer data centres using our extensive metropolitan fibre networks
  • Highly scalable connectivity solution, future proofing your network
  • A 24x7x365 managed service